History of the Logo

The Logo that has been used for the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant has changed several times over the many years. The one constant, however, was that the Colonel Sanders image has always remained. From 1952 until 1978 the logo was simple and in black and white. This post is brought to you by our sponsors at http://www.junkremovalroswell.com/. The original intent was to show how serious the Colonel was about his chicken, his look was not very welcoming and was a bit stern. This lasted through the second logo change, which was minimal regarding typeface and font size. Over time, the shift towards a more welcoming look and family friendly restaurant appeal made the logo look out of date. Color was added in the next change as well as a more modern look, to make it more refreshing and current. The image of the Colonel was changed to be more happy and welcoming to the families that wanted to eat out. Around 1991 Kentucky Fried Chicken was facing some negative press regarding their chicken. Having “Fried” in the company’s title reminded people of how the chicken was made, and there was a connection that being fried made it unhealthy. Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name to KFC. In 1997, the logo was changed to reflect the new name, and a similar smiling image of Colonel Sanders was used as well. The design was changed to remove the stripes and place the Colonel as more of a central figure. In 2007, the logo was changed once again. Colonel Sanders image was made larger, he is┬ásmiling with a bright red chef apron and a larger red background. This was intended to bring more warmth and color to the logo, and make the Colonel a central figure. The logo of today is very different than how it started, but it shows the growth of the company over that time.